A great man passed away, Mr. Stojan Nenadović

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Stojan Nenadović (09.10.1942. – 21.05.2011.)

I have to inform you, with regret and sorrow, that the great man passed away, last Saturday, Mr. Stojan Nenadović, the author of the original Theory of non-credit money. As I was informed, Stojan was due to the sudden increase in blood sugar, and taken to hospital. He was treated for about 2 weeks, but the last 2-3 days fell into a coma, got a stroke and died.

With his implementation of the Project on non-credit money, the world would emerge from the financial crisis, as well as Serbia. I was a close friend with Mr. Stojan and we often talked by phone and through messager Google Talk. We talked about various things, but of course the most was about his idea of non-credit money. He was highly cultured and dignified in manners and communication.

Mr. Stojan’s original theory of non-credit money has been created in the last century, namely in 1980, but there was no understanding for non-credit money because of the political and economic circles of the former Yugoslavia.

Mr. Stojan was a good man, that was the best known from his neighborhood and the people that known him from Sremska Mitrovica, where he lived.

Since 2007. on internet forums, and later with the development of his site, word spread in Serbia and also in the world, about non-credit money, so Stojan gave his best writing on domestic and foreign forums and sites, explaining in details his idea of non-credit money. He responded to various questions, participated in discussions, he was fully devoted, dedicated, persistent and willing about his writing. Also, by electronic mail he addressed to various politicians in Serbia, the party leaders and various economic experts, he appealed for the support of his non-credit money, to be implemented in practice, both in Serbia and in other countries when he was communicating with foreigners.

His lifelong dream was to implement the non-credit money around the world, so that the world would come out of financial crisis. This extremely dignified, honest, virtuous, modest and humble man, was born to fulfill his mission, he created the original theory of non-credit money, but unfortunately he did not live long enough to fulfill a lifelong dream, to implement the non-credit money in Serbia or any other country.

However, now through his web site known worldwide for his original Project of the non-credit money, He will live, our Mr. Stojan.

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